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Sunday, 7-Oct-2007 16:12 Email | Share | Bookmark
Learning To Be Human

Came to a SITUATION where three words come to my mind...........I looked up inside the dictionary an found these: 3 words and 3 different meaning...............

And here are some examples I took from a forum that I was totally involved and it makes me feel really sick........................regarding some people sarcastic words.....

Example 1:

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Re: water lilies or lotus
all burn out lah. Must u post every picture u shoot?? INcluding all crap shots??

Example 2 :

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Re: How Come ............
This picture tells a good story and you have articulated the first part very well. In addition to the main plot however, there are two sub-plots. The girl in the centre seems to be thinking," My, my....what a glutton. The way she's lapping up the mee-hoon seems to indicate she's not had food for quite a while. " With regards to the mak-chik on the right, we are left in mystery as to what it is that interests her so much. Could it be a similar young lady gorging herslf so full that she's on the verge of choking too? The opposing diagonal eyelines of the two ladies creates good dynamic tension in the frame. And it is ideal that the boy, who is the main subject of your pictorial essay, should sit right under the point where the imaginary eye lines would meet if those diagonals are extended. Its almost like a point of power in the frame. And I suppose its not co-incidental that you've place the boy at one of the golden points in this picture.
IMHO, this is a good structured composition.

Example 3 :

azam.. try to look for clear background.. meaning, not so crowded.. the trees behind is distracting.. just my opinion.


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Re: water lilies or lotus
Everybody has the right to post and share photos here in

Please post constructive comments to help others improving, not demotivating members from sharing.

Thank you.
"wise man still seek HIM!"
God is good...all the time!

I was having FUN and LEARNING until this smart ass dude came along.............spoiled my appertite for the whole damn week...................

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